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Tribalism is an inherent human instinct and it is imprinted on all of us through the evolution of our species. Indeed, many of our ancient ancestors fought and died for their tribes. A man's tribe provided purpose, honor and a greater sense of belonging.


We wanted to capture that instinct and history in a pendant, while also giving a nod back to the days when our ancestors hunted as one.


We handcrafted our Tribe pendant in the shape of an arrowhead and featured a piece of genuine Hematite in the center. We chose Hematite for its mythical properties; it is a stone that is said to provide balance between our physical, mental and spiritual being. 


After all, what man doesn't need more balance in his life? 


* This pendant comes with a standard leather rope (as our ancestors would have worn it). However, it can be paired with a chain like the one pictured or to your specifications upon request (at an additional cost). 


**Please note that each new Manblinger piece is handmade and one of a kind. Therefore. there will be slight variations to color, clarity, weight and size of any stones.



The Tribe

Excluding Sales Tax |
    • Material: Sterling Silver
    • Total Weight: 11.5 grams (approximate)
    • Stone: Genuine Hematite
    • Dimensions: 60mm L X 38mm W (approximate) 
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