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About Us & Our Philosophy


Our vision is simple... men should wear jewelry that accentuates their masculinity and their personal style. We also feel men’s jewelry should be unique and handmade to high level of quality so it lasts for years to come. 


 To achieve that, most of our jewelry handmade, many of it being made in our workshop in sunny southern California. We do it this way so we can control the quality of the stones and materials, make each piece unique and so we can test new designs before we release them. We strive to ensure our bling can be set apart from the mass-produced inventory that is so readily available everywhere else.

 We are part of a well established family-owned fine jewelry company called Pulido Jewelers. Pulido Jewelers has been in the jewelry manufacturing business in southern California for over 45 years. This allows us to provide some of the most unique products on the market today. When you wear one of our pieces you will see, feel and notice the difference. More importantly, you will be noticed for that difference.

We view jewelry as art and art should never be mass-produced!


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