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Our Process 

We are serious about making everything by hand. For us, it is an essential ingredient to making each piece one of a kind. We handcraft our own wax models, handpick our materials and finish most pieces with our bare hands.

Sometimes the stone inspires the shape and design of the piece, sometimes the piece takes on a life of its own  during the process. Either way, the end result is usually a custom creation that will be unique to it's owner.


 Why we do it this way is very simple... we champion individuality over conformity. 


Our Traditionalist Band 
Sterling Silver Blank to Finished Piece


Asteroid I Meteorite Ring
Wax Model to Finished Piece

Handcrafted Meteorite Ring 1

Wax Creation

Handcrafted Meteorite Ring 2

Hand Finishing

Manblinger Mighty Celt wax model and finished piece

Custom Order Mighty Celt Cuff 

Handcrafted Meteorite Ring 3

Ready for your Fist

Custom Silver Celtic Cuff

A Mighty Celt on the Bench

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