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There is gold in them there hills over here at Manblinger. Gold was not so easy to come by in the early days; many a prospector shed blood, sweat and tears to find it in the rivers of our native California.


To honor those early pioneers, we created our Prospector ring. We handcrafted this ring out of 14k yellow gold and gave it a pocketed and rough finish to mimic a real nugget in the pan. In addition, we added a .68ct blue sapphire in the center to symbolize the river waters they sifted through.


Wearing one will let people know how much you appreciate tradition in this all-too-modern age.


*Ring sizing between 7 and 10 is included in price; larger sizes will incur an additional fee.

**Please note that each new Manblinger piece is handmade and one of a kind. Therefore. there will be slight variations to color, clarity, weight and size of any stones.

The Prospector

Excluding Sales Tax |
    • Material: 14K Yellow Gold
    • Total Weight: 11.5 grams
    • Stone: Genuine Oval Sapphire
    • Stone Total Carat Weight: 0.68
  • Want it in white gold? Email us here for a custom order!

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