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Made to honor the Norse god Thor's mighty hammer, our Mighty Mjolnir hammer pendant is sure to make a statement (and perhaps call the lightning down on your enemies). It doesn't matter if you're a Viking, blacksmith or just a man who favors to hit it with something heavy... the Mighty Mjolnir is for you. 


The hammer comes with a nylon rope but it can also be sized to fit any chain, including any of the ones in our inventory. Several finishes are available, including the florentine, oxidized and rough finishes pictured.


Ask about a special discount when you pair the Mighty Mjolnir with one of our in-stock chains. 


Get one while they last, as is with most of our pieces, this is a limited run with only a few left in inventory.


**Please note that each new Manblinger piece is handmade and one of a kind. Therefore. there may be slight variations to the item pictured.

The Mighty Mjolnir

Excluding Sales Tax |
    • Material: Pure Sterling Silver (.925)
    • Total Weight: 62 grams (approximate)
    • Total Length: 60mm (approximate)
    • Width (at bottom): 49mm (approximate)
    • Average Thickness: 13mm (approximate)
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