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Centuries before jewelry became commonplace for women, men wore jewelry to either symbolize their status or as a source of currency for trade.

We handcrafted The Dreki (Old Norse for Dragon) cable cuff in honor of that tradition. A blend of medieval style and modern materials, it is designed to be the perfect fit for most wrist sizes. We chose to craft the head in sterling silver for its luster but stuck with a stainless steel cable for the arm band with comfort in mind.

In addition, we chose to finish the other side off with a simpler pointed cap of silver. This was done to ensure the head remained the focal point of the piece.

The Dreki is the first in this new line, with plans to introduce a bear and wolf version in the future. As it is with much of our silver pieces, any of these designs will also be available in either white or yellow gold upon request.

While we don’t suspect you’ll use it to barter, it is likely someone will want to barter for it when they see it on your wrist.

The Dreki Cable

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