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The sun provides heat, light and energy to mankind. It is no wonder that mankind has had a long-held fascination with the great fiery orb in the sky.


We attempted to capture a bit of that energy and facination with our new Del Sol ring. We crafted the Del Sol in 14k Rose Gold and gave it a finish that both captures and reflects light while on your fist. We searched far and wide for the right centerstone and settled on a large Fire Opal that speaks for itself.


Wear it and your sure the add a bit of fire and energy to your personal style.

*Ring sizing between 7 and 10 is included in price; larger sizes are not possible as they would alter the structure of this ring.

**Please note that each new Manblinger piece is handmade and one of a kind. Therefore. there will be slight variations to color, clarity, weight and size of any stones.

Del Sol

Excluding Sales Tax |
    • Material: 14K Rose Gold
    • Ring Total Weight: 23.7ms 
    • Stone: Genuine Large Fire Opal
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