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Centuries old, legends of daemons exist in just about every ancient culture. Our ancestors feared them so much that they often used jewelry and images of them to keep them at bay.

Our Daemon Skull ring was crafted in much the same way; a modern ward to help protect you from their maleficent influence (or perhaps attract them if that is your thing).

Hand crafted from pure Sterling Silver (.925), featuring an oxidized finish and weighing in at a whopping 66 grams!


**This piece is currently retired and avalaible only by custom order. Email us at or call us at (949) 582-7250 for further details.

*Ring sizing to your specification is included.
** While we are currently sold out of this ring (and therefore have retired this design) you can email us at if you think we should bring it back just for you!


Daemon Skull

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Out of Stock
  • Material: Ring: Sterling Silver (.925)
    Total Weight: 66 grams (approximate)

  • Currently out of stock and only available for custom orders. Contact us at to request one to be made for you.

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